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Fun Honeybee Facts

Did you know...

Bees' Sugar is Unique?

It is anabolic, medicinal, antiseptic, anti-cancer, gentle on blood sugar, friendliest to our liver, most ideal fuel for burning body fats, also contains many vitamins naturally, unlike white sugars.  

Honey also has a healthy Glycemic Index, as the sugars are gradually absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in better digestion.  

Natural honey is the gold standard for fueling our brain during the day, and during the night when our bodies heal in sleep.  Very best fuel for your brain due to the perfect 1:1 ratio of fructose & glucose.  No other food can produce more liver glycogen per gram like honey.  

Bees' honey also promotes a deep and restorative sleep for you and optimizes your metabolism as your liver goes to work, breaking down the toxins stored in our fat cells.  A great natural source of carbohydrates witch provide strength and energy to our bodies.  Free from cholesterol it has also been shown that adding a small amount in your daily diet can keep cholesterol levels in check.  

With all these wonderful medicinal advantages, you might wonder just how could it get any better.  Maybe add another organic piece to the mix, hmmm?
Cannabis is now being recognized as a safe, natural cure for a huge variety of problems.  Medicinal marijuana has such a wide range of condition curtatives from anxiety, chronic pain, appetite loss, nausea, glaucoma and many others without the negative side effects that come with pharma drugs.  

Strap your seat belts on, here comes the biggie.  Canna~Honey is the ultimate partnership between wildflower organic honey and marijuana.  The blending is my own design, keeping the valuable properties in the honey by NEVER heating it during infusion, and ALWAYS heating the cannabis before insertion.  Giving the optimal quality of potency to the finished product.   

The average dose is one tablespoon.  Please do not operate machines, including motor vehicles, until you know the level of effect Canna~Honey will give you.  Store away from direct sunlight, air and heat.  Occasionally you may see a slight crystalizing in the honey, this is just due to the air exposure that comes naturally when opening and closing the container.  Simply run warm water over the sealed container and honey will be fluid again.

So if you are interested in trying my Canna~Honey, go to Contact Me and fill out the simple form. 

Donations are very appreciated, but not required.  All the materials to infuse more products are currently still all supplied by small donations and any profit goes back in as well.  If you stumbled into my essential oil section, i hope you enjoyed the story and those hand blended oils for your condition's remedy are still available should you have the need. Use the Contact Me page and tell me what condition you seek relief from so i may blend the proper one.

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