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My Story

Witches Homeopathic Fixes was founded back in year 2013 in order to help every person experience the power and potency of natural herbal products. I worked and learned homeopathy from experts in the field to create essential oil mixtures for many different conditions including; acne, chapped skin, earache, fungal's, fleas and even hiccups.  Always blended by hand for each individual order.  I am so passionate about natural healing VS Big Pharma that my slogan was " Nothing to buy, FREE to try"!  Seriously, needed no credit card on file, no S&H fees, it was all financed by small consumer donations.  Then something wonderful and long over due happened.  The use of Cannabis became legal for recreational use.  So my kitchen witch came out with a direct design, to educate myself and others about the benefits of holistic healing thru cannabis.  I chose to concentrate on the edible side with THC-infused products formulations crafted from simple, natural ingredients.  So what is the key to my  success? I have perfected the infusion process in order to retain all of the hemp plant’s original phytocannabinoids, they can work to moderate moods, motor functions, pain perception and memory.   Thus ensuring broad and full spectrum properties with all of my all-natural offerings.  


So where am i now?  

Somedays it feels like i am lost between the yellow brick road & the avenue leading to the institute for the criminally insane.  

Let’s Get Together!

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