"Give Mother Nature a Try"

  Greetings, my name is Tamara.

      This is my solo ambitious effort to help people try an alternative medicinal option, so thanks for giving a natural cure a thought.  Most people are unaware of how simple homeopathic cures are, and that they are also VERY effective.

      I began many years ago, offering essential oils blended for your condition, FOR FREE.  All the supplies needed to make  and create all the products are still self-funded, and hand-blended.  How could this not take off, right? My catchy motto dancing around on social media was supposed to produce rave results:

"Nothing to buy, Free to try.


What happened? Not a whole lot.

      My original goal still remains, to reach as many people as possible and showing the a way to a legal, inexpensive curative to many of today's common ailments or conditions. Learning some new website design skills, with input from successful business people. it would make all the difference. 

     Time rolled on without much change until...at last my niche bloomed.  Shiny green weed that grows flowers given by Mother Earth, all natural and with many medicinal qualities.  Medicinal cannabis or marijuana is now a legal product, and readily accessible to anyone over the age of 21yrs . 

     That is where my journey began anew.  Blending the nectar from the magnificent honeybee along with an infusion of cannabis was amazing.  It was a process of trial and error like all things well done.  Finally i paired my recipe down to perfection, knowing only that having my own honeybee box would make my Canna~Honey better.  Thought about that too, but the City of Pomona will not  allow it anyhow.  So when i was confident enough to test my Canna~Honey, first i started with my family hoping they would guinea pig for me.  As that venture was an easy hit, next i set my sights on helping people who could really use it.  Regular donations to the Cancer Care Center here in Pomona were appreciated and after trying it...almost urgently requested!  That feeling is a gift that will always be priceless.   

     Take a peek at the handmade cures crafted with love and time that could be used instead of giving BIG PHARMA tons of your money.   Bonus...no side effects from Mother Nature.

     Also feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding the fact i live, laugh & love daily as a witch.